reception sideThe monthly rent must be paid during the first week of each month.

Any departure during the year must be announced in writing to the management of the establishment, at least 30 days before the date of departure. If this clause is not respected, the security deposit will not be returned.

In case of cancellation of the stay after confirmation, the sum of 300 CHF remains acquired at the residence. On departure, at the end of the stay, the deposit of CHF 300 is refunded after deduction of any damage, loss of keys or other ...





header tarifs foyer

Registration fees :
- CHF 100

Guarantee deposit :
- CHF 300

Individual room :
- CHF 630 per month
- CHF 180 per week

Two beds rooms :
- CHF 480 per person and per month
- CHF 150 per person and per week

Two beds rooms with a sanitary facilities :
- CHF 550 per person and per month
- CHF 180 per person and per week

By bank transfer

Case Postale
CH-1211 Geneva 2

Account no 240-291439.29V

Association du Home Catholique
Foyer L'Accueil

IBAN CH29 0024 0240 2914 3929 V

By postal transfer

Home pour jeunes filles

1205 Geneva

Account nr 12-19786-4

By cash

You can directly pay at the reception of the Residence.

House rules


The Foyer’Accueil is an establishment that accommodates young women aged 18 to 35, of all nationalities and beliefs, wishing to stay in Geneva for studies, internships and professional training. It aims to facilitate their stay through a welcoming atmosphere and simplicity that promotes communication and intercultural exchanges.

Located near the University and the Hospital Complex of the Canton of Geneva (HUG), the Foyer’Accueil is managed by the community of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod (France) in collaboration with the Association du Home Catholique.

Article 1 Acceptance of these rules of procedure

Any young woman admitted to the Reception Foyer as a resident undertakes to comply with these internal regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a penalty ranging from a warning to termination of the accommodation contract with immediate effect. The rules set out in these regulations constitute the constraints of living in a community, where everyone's well-being and safety take priority.

Article 2 Admission / readmission

The Foyer’Accueil accommodates young women between the ages of 18 and 35. 

2.1 Admission of residents can be done on site or by e-mail. It is valid for three years, renewable once.

2.2 Upon admission, an accommodation contract is signed between the director of the Foyer or her representative and the resident admitted to the Foyer. This contract, as well as the Internal Regulations which form an integral part of it, are given to the resident upon arrival at the Foyer. Once the latter has read the two documents, the contract is signed by the two parties who mutually agree to respect it.

2.3 Pets are not allowed in the Foyer.

2.4 Any young woman who wishes to return to the Foyer after having left it must reapply for admission.

Article 3 Conditions of stay

3.1 Each resident is responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness of her room, as well as the furniture and equipment in it. An inventory, with inventory, is drawn up when the resident enters and leaves. Any depredation / or damage to furniture or equipment must be immediately reported to the management who will invoice them to the resident. The furniture must not be taken out of the room.

3.2 Each resident has a personal key which makes her independent and responsible. This key must not, under any circumstances, be given to a third party. In the event of prolonged absence, it is recommended that the key be left at the reception of the Foyer.

3.3 The Foyer declines all responsibility for money, jewelry, personal effects of their owners during their stay. The same goes for items lost or forgotten after their departure.

3.4 The Foyer maintains the rooms every two weeks. He provides and maintains bedding. It does not provide and launder towels and personal effects.

3.5 For reasons of safety, hygiene or maintenance, the authorized staff of the Home may, if necessary, enter a resident's room at any time.

3.6 The Foyer provides residents with a kitchen, the use of which is placed under their responsibility. Each has the obligation to leave clean hotplates, ovens, microwaves, kettles, fridges, freezers, cupboards and worktops. Each must also wash and store their own dishes.

3.7 Breakfast is served daily, except Sunday, public holidays, the two-week Christmas vacation and the Easter vacation week. These exceptions do not result in a deduction.

Breakfast service hours

- From Monday to Friday, from 06:30am - 09:00am
- Saturday from 08:00am - 10:00am

3.8 Reception hours - From Monday to Friday : 08:00am – 12:00am ; 02:00pm – 07:00pm and 08:15pm - 09:00pm - Saturday : 08:00am - 12:00am

3.9 Each resident takes care to respect the tranquility of others. Calm must be strictly observed from 10 p.m. inside and near the building. In order to respect the study conditions and the rest of each one, the residents will avoid the slamming of doors, the comings and goings in the corridors, as well as the conversations in them. For hearing aids, personal headphones are recommended.

3.10 Tours end at 10 p.m. The reception areas are on the ground floor, the floors being reserved for residents.

3.11 For security reasons, any absence of one or more nights must be reported in the absence log left at reception.

3.12 Residents wishing to terminate their accommodation contract before it expires should refer to Article 6 of the Contract. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the initial deposit will not be returned.

Article 4 Prohibitions

- In your room, it is forbidden to

  • To cook.
  • Keep food.
  • Eat and do the dishes.
  • Use household appliances (pressure cooker, kettle, coffee maker, stove, blender, personal fridge).
  • Invite a friend.
  • Leave the lights on and appliances on when you are away.
  • Place laundry, shoes, plants, food on the exterior window shelf and on the anti-bird wires.
  • Wash, dry and iron your clothes.
  • Go through the 1st floor window to take advantage of the terrace.
  • Leave the window open, after ventilation, during the Heating period.
  • Light the candle and the incense sticks.
  • Do not respect the selective sorting of waste, (Compost - paper-glass or plastic bottles - aluminum - household waste)

If you want to put something on the wall, please consult the management beforehand.

In various places of the Foyer

  • Cooking after 10 p.m.
  • Waste water (bedroom, kitchen, showers)
  • Quarreling or fighting within the Foyer
  • Smoking inside the Foyer

In the event of non-compliance with the above prohibitions after three oral warnings, a warning will be given in writing.

The Foyer cannot accommodate young women who take drugs, who have serious psychological disorders, as well as those who do not have a resident's permit.

Article 5 Financial terms

5.1 The registration fee is CHF 100. They are not refundable in the event of cancellation of the stay after confirmation.

5.2 of the rental. This deposit is intended to cover various depreciations committed in the room by the resident, the loss of keys and losses linked to the resident's departure without notice within one month. The total, partial or zero refund of the security deposit depends on the findings made during the inventory at the time of the resident's discharge.

5.3 The rental of the room begins from the date of arrival mentioned by the resident in the registration form. Then, the amount of the monthly rent must be paid every first week of the month, by bank transfer, by postal order or directly at the reception of the Foyer.

Payment methods: registration fees, security deposit and rent can be paid:

Wire Transfer :

UBS SA. Case Postale
CH- 1211 Genève 2
Account number : 240-291439.29V- Association du Home Catholique – Foyer l’Accueil
IBAN : CH 290024024029143929 V

By postal transfer :

Home pour Jeunes Filles - L’Accueil
1205 Genève
N° 12-19786-4

Directly at the reception of the Foyer

In the event of non-payment of monthly rents, the contract may be terminated in advance and in writing, with one month's notice by the management of the Foyer l'Accueil.

If the last rent due does not correspond to a full month (30 days), the resident will pay per week or per day.

5.4 Students and interns are requested to indicate the amount of their scholarship and allowances (provide supporting documents).

Article 6

These Internal Regulations come into force on September 1, 2021. They are part of the registration file and apply to all residents.

How to find us

Résidence L'Accueil
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