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he residence supplies clean bedding but does not include supply and laundry of towels, serviettes and personal effects.

Each resident is independent with her own key for which she is responsible. Under no circumstances is she allowed to give the key to another person.

As in all residential establishments silence is expected after 22 hours in the proximity of the building and interior.

Pets are not allowed.

The residence takes no responsibility regarding money, jewelry and personal effects.

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Registration fees :
- CHF 60

Guarantee deposit :
- CHF 100

Individual room :
- CHF 570 per month
- CHF 160 per week

Two beds rooms :
- CHF 435 per person and per month
- CHF 130 per person and per week


reception sideThe rent should be paid monthly in advance, Payments can be effected.






By bank transfer

Case Postale
CH-1211 Geneva 2

Account no 240-291439.29V

Association du Home Catholique
Foyer L'Accueil

IBAN CH29 0024 0240 2914 3929 V

By postal transfer

Home pour jeunes filles

1205 Geneva

Account nr 12-19786-4

By cash

You can directly pay at the reception of the Residence.

How to find us

Résidence L'Accueil
8 rue Alcide-Jentzer
1205 Geneva

How to contact us

phone : +41 22 320 92 77

email : contact us

Automatic responder
on Saturday and Sunday, and out the opening hours.


Monday to Friday :
8h - 12h | 14h - 22h
Saturday :
8h - 12h | 18h - 22h
Sunday :
18h - 22h