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The Foyer L'accueil is a Geneva institution that was founded a hundred years ago.

A century of history and sharing with the reception of several thousand residents from all over the world.


1890 : At the request of the Church of Geneva, the Sisters of the Cross take over the direction of the "Home Sainte Blandine" at rue des Granges. This home welcomes, in a family atmosphere, young girls in precarious situations, coming from Switzerland or neighboring countries, in search of work.

1892 : The Sainte Blandine Home, in full expansion, moved to larger premises at 28 rue Saint Léger. In addition to lodging, the Sisters provide various services: helping young girls in their search for work and lodging and welcoming, informing and orienting those who arrive at the Geneva train stations not knowing where to go; this is the "work of the train stations."

1906 : The Home Sainte Blandine moves to 24 rue de L'Arquebuse where for 50 years it welcomes about thirty young girls, employees, servants and students.

1960 : The association of the Catholic Home, created in 1957, decided to buy a piece of land, in order to build a bigger and better adapted building.

1965 : The Home de l'Arquebuse becomes the Foyer l'Accueil at 8 rue Alcide-Jentzer, inaugurated on October 20.

1990 : Foyer l'Accueil celebrates its 25th anniversary and 100 years of presence of the Sisters of the Cross in Geneva.

2015 : On December 11, the home joyfully celebrates its 50th anniversary "The Past, The Present, The Future for the Greater Glory of God."

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